Sunday, February 04, 2007

House: Pending Inspection

Yep, that's right. I accepted an offer above our asking price, with us paying closing costs (which they added to the asking price, which is why they offered above our offer, but details details...)

Then we offered the second party a back-offer which they can accept, but it doesn't obligate them to actually buy the house if they find something in between. They may or may not accept, my realtor, who I now luff so very much, said it's 50-50, but that she's done tons of back up offers that actually close.

If I want to be petty, I can tell the neighbors I sold my house over the asking price, but then that would just give them faith in their overpriced homes, none of which have sold yet.

Interestingly enough, the one other ReMax home in our neighborhood, a rambler, sold within a month as well, and it was priced correctly. (Yes, I went to the website and viewed what homes in our neighborhood were actually selling at for the past few months, because I want my house to actually sell.)

Now, I know that it's not sold til everything's signed, but I'm sure the appraisal will go fine, and I'm sure there won't be anything major in the inspection. But to be smart, I'm not calling up utilities and such until after the inspection because you never do know what surprises might pop up and bite you. Maybe none, maybe one, but I know enough not to go packing and leave before the inspection is done.

Hubby McRed is over the moon. Now he knows he'll see us, and that for real, we're going down there.

I'm over the moon too.

Ironically, and this will make you laugh...

The ORIGINAL people who put an offer on the house, the one I countered, called my realtor and told her they'd be getting back to her today and were still thinking about it.


There's a reason that there is a deadline on offers people.

So wish me luck and that the appraisal and inspection goes well!

We're off to Colorado. We're off to Colorado.

Now I have to help my daughter deal. She's moved too much as it is /sigh. But that's what happens when you are rootless, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Congrats...but...*ahem*...where's my email? I'll be hurt if you forgot my email address for the gozilianth time.


MommasWorld said...

This is FANTASTIC news!! Congratulations! TWO offers!! TWO!! I am so excited for you!

I am sorry for your daughter but as we both know children will make new friends. Heck, it is a lot easier for children to make new friends than the parents. Children have school and other activities with many of their peers.

My father is retired Navy so I know how it is to move often. I do have to say this to your daughter. I had a wonderful friend when I was in 2nd grade. We kept touch for awhile after my family moved. Then just last year POOF! She was back in my life again!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well with the inspections and you are on your way to McRed ASAP!

David said...

It's warm and sunny in Denver, and the snow's melting. And may not be refreezing at night, for a change.

So it's working out well all around.

Pageant Mom said...

I know this is going to sound weird but I am soooo jealous!!! I just LOVE Colorado!! You'll be so busy taking it all in you won't have time to worry about adjusting!

I hope everything works out and you get your family acclamated quickly! Really, I think I would play hooky every chance I could to go skiing if I lived there :o)

p.s. We're back from our mini ski vacation - don't worry, all we managed to ding was our dignity LOL :o)

Pageant Mom said...


Even if you don't ski, there's just TONS to see and do (and no,I'm not on the tourism board!!)