Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still Waiting

The inspection was Tuesday. It's now Thursday.

Now, this isn't a lot of time to pass. But considering they accepted hte offer on Sunday and had in an appraiser and an inspector in on Tuesday, and got the report Tuesday, you would think they would have gotten back to me by now.


Realistically, there probably isn't much. We had an inspection done when we bought the house and I think we made them service the furnace and something minor. They do, technically, have until Tuesday to get back to me, 7 work days, but I can only think that if there wasn't anything major they would have sent it back already with the request that it be fixed. I've been known to be wrong.

So of course my mind is going into overdrive. They changed their mind and are using the inspection to get out of it. There are bats living in my attic and I just never knew. There are birds nests, too, next to the bats. They are nitpicking and will expect me to fix everything. Oh I don't know. I just remember that we got back to the realtor that very day, the day of the inspection. These people want to move in March 6. They moved fast with everything else. What are they waiting on?

So. Overactive mind acts up and thinks up pessimistic thoughts.



MommasWorld said...

Waiting does suck. I hope they get back to you today with some news that sets everything in a forward motion.

Lahdeedah said...

it's totally driving me batty. Some of us are born fretters.