Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alls well in La La Land

I am in a great mood. I don't know if it's the lack of sodium, sugar, caffeine, aspartame, and other junk my body takes in daily, or if it's because my parents are coming (it can't be that, that has been stressing me out like crazy) or what, but today I feel great. SOOO great. Like good mood great. Not crazy manic great needs medication, though. Just generally happy and in a good mood. Slept like a baby again, too.

Dr. Who

How anyone can watch this show and not like it is beyond me. This is a GREAT show. I'm so sad to lose the first Doctor though! I was really liking him. It was so sad! EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE and he gave it all up for Rose... awwww. It's reported on the net, not that I spent a few hours frantically searching for clues on how the new doctor is or anything, that the new doctor is just as good in his own way.

How anyone can not even bother trying to watch this show is sad. Please people, I really need Sci Fi to pick this up and carry it. I'm OUT OF SHOWS do you people understand me? I am OUT OF TV SHOWS.... I need this Dr... /sob.

New Game

McRed bought Hereos of Might and Magic V. It's very perty. I want to play it, but first I have to play Gal Civ III. These are two games I can get addicted to, so I have to be careful. I remember playing Gal Civ til 3 a.m. when it came out. Then, Moo2 til all hours of the night. People at work would think I was up late because of Drama Girl being sick or what since she was still a toddler, but that was only 75 percent of the reason. The other 25 percent was serious game addiction.

Day 3, Dieta

McRed has been mocking my fizzy water. He wants me to give up diet coke, but wonders if I have the conviction. He also doubts the inch I lost on my waist. But he's a man. He tried telling me that my waist was where my belly was. OH MY BLASPHEMOUS WORD. Can you imagine having to measure around your belly and using that as your waist measurement?

Oh dear. I am not even going to post what that measurement is. He then accused me of sucking in my gut to make my waist smaller. THE NERVE! Anyhow, then he said "Lose five inches so we can see it and not have to measure it."

....I will pause here for a moment for the women to gasp in horror...

I mean, yes, I KNOW!

So, it is with great pleasure that I am announcing tonight's dinner -- corn-meal crispy catfish fillets with a side of garlic roasted red potatoes and asparagus. Someone will be begging for more food. Someone will be begging for chips and junk food. Someone else will just smile, happily on their way to a five-inch weight loss, and point out that this is what we need for us to see our five inch weight loss. Yes, /smug is on.

So, here's the down and dirty for day 3

Weight... NO KIDDING 145.8

Granted, some of it is water weight, but also, since I'm not going back to caffeine, and staying low-sodium, I shouldn't gain the water weight back. Now, I also know that weight fluctuates daily, which is why you are only supposed to weigh yourself once a week, however, so close to being under 145 again, I HAD to post. The MOMENT that scale hits 144, I'm so going to celebrate with one serving of Hagen Daaz' ice cream. Not enough to add another pound back on, enough to make me happy. Of course, you have to understand, once I get to my GOAL weight, than I can just maintain and Hagen Daaz (I know I'm not spelling it right) will be back on the menu occasionally.

two very unsatisfying waffles for 180 calories. I was so hungry after eating them, it was like I didn't eat at all. I am going to try whole wheat waffles and see if there is a difference in fulfillment. If not, I'm cutting waffles off the eat list. They aren't THAT tasty for 180 calories.
2 cups of coffee

Kashi granola bar
fizzy with lemon (carbonated water for my caffeine and carbonation withdrawal)

healthy choice 300 calorie chicken alfredo with brocolli. These are a little high on the sodium count but low on calories. I know they sell low-sodium versions so I'll probably buy those next time. I don't eat these on a regular basis but when I'm too tired to make lunch or just feel like not bothering putting together a healthy meal, they are great. I do need to see if they have ones with whole wheat and whole grains though.
Fizzy water.

It's noon, and so far, no headache coming on or serious caffeine need. Going to try to get through the day without motrin. May give up at 3, we will see. Coffee was crap today. I bought a flavor I hate, so I will hopefuly have an easier time giving it up since it tastes so bad!

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