Thursday, June 29, 2006

What I'm doing right now

Drinking coffee, sorting out a character in my head, and getting ready for two hours of non-stop writing. That's the ambition.

Also, calming the impulse to toss Drama's room out the window. I mean, if there's nothing in it, it'll be clean, right? I'm thinking bed, two sheets and a wool blanket, a foot locker at the bed and locker in the closet. :) Think of the organization!

I was supposed to start at two, but toddler Bear was jumping off the bed, and apparently got hurt. Or Turbo did something, because Turbo did apologize to Bear when I went in, though I'm not sure what for, and Bear didn't want Turbo to give him a big hug.

My rule is that when you walk into a room and your son has tears in his eyes and snot rolling out of his nose, obviously, unless you are the cause of those tears and snot, you need to hug him.

Well, Turbo, he's a quick study that one. Not one minute of consoling Bear passed when all of a sudden Turbo gets out of bed, puts on a half smile and starts fake-crying, and sitting in my lap. The thing that totally ruined it? The sparkle in his eye and the twitch in his upper lip... honestly, it was twitching from trying not to smile! I busted up laughing, which totally got him smiling gleefully and I unfortunately rewarded the behavior by hugging him for being so freakin' cute while poor Bear was still sobbing softly into my now-snot-ridden shoulder.

Dear Drama is in her room not cleaning it.

Whatever. We haven't painted her room because she can't keep it clean enough to actually walk through and tape. She's really saving me aggravation I suppose.

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