Friday, June 09, 2006

Book Club, and Day 2, Dieta

Book Club

Two of the mom's came, the two I like the most. The third didn't come, which made me sad because I like her, too, but I think she had to work. Or I may have not heard the door... there was a phone call I missed, and my door bell works sporadically, oh well... I hope it was that she couldn't make it, I'd feel bad. I'm changing the day back to Monday. More people showed up when it was on Monday. Other than that, it was nice. I like small groups.

We did Rain of Gold, we are all supposed to be reading Fatherland, and for October, we're doing In Cold Blood.

Day 2, Dieta

Weight at 12:15 p.m. - 147 lbs.

1 1/2 cups of coffee
1 bowl Kashi 7 whole grain honey puffs w/ 2 splendas. If you're not a splenda person, 1 tsp of brown sugar would give it the sweet kick it needs

3/4 Kashi honey almond granola bar (the boys HAD to have a BITE PLEASE)
2 cherries (that wasn't actually portioned out, but Bear refused to eat them)

Bite of macaroni and cheese (boys' lunch, it was looking at me funny...)
Bowl of cocunut curry chicken from last night's dinner
4 peanut m & ms... i'm wondering how long this bag will last... I refuse to eat more than four!

Caffeine report:
This morning was fine, just the normal coffee. Normally, I'd have had a soda by now, but instead had the book club. I forgot to hydrate, so felt a headache starting. I took some motrin and am drinking water, but it's lingering, my own fault. It'll be gone soon. I intend to drown it with my fizzy carbonated water and lemon trick, and soon, more motrin.

Hunger report:
I was too busy to be hungry. I had my coffee, ate my cereal and ran around like a mad nut trying to get the house ready for my guests. They came, we chatted, they left and it was 12:20 and I realized, my gosh, I think I'm hungry... so I got the boys their lunch, and ate mine. Now I'm not hungry.

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