Friday, June 09, 2006

The Low-Down on Weight Loss

I found this while googling about weight loss and it completely gives an honest low-down on what needs to be done, but it isn't scary like many diet plans and it doesn't get all fancy. It does give the formulas you need so that you can figure out how many calories you need to consume to stay the weight you are and then tells you the best way to lose weight is to cut your calories by no more than 500 calories per day.

The thing I like about it is that it's very very basic. For instance, I know now that when I reach my weight goal, I can eat 1958 calories a day. Not too shabby. If I don't want to, I can remain porky at 2368 calories.

It's totally honest, too. It states the simple truth of dieting. You are GOING to be HUNGRY. There is no way your body is going to let you skip out on about 500 calories and not make some noise. (Today, my tally is 740 less than normal, and I have no celery) They recommend doing exercise to lose 1 lb a week and to cut calories by only 250 a day to lose the other pound a week. It's a very honest approach. So what do you do when you are hungry? Like my trainer says, you can um, I'm quoting Sir Bufalot here, "NOT EAT" or you can munch on celery. Continously.

It agrees with the Rice Diet on the principle that you have to eat low-fat. I think any diet that doesn't contain the words or principle or philosophy of 'eat low-fat meals' is going to fail healthwise because fat, um, makes us fat, and is a huge cholesterol raiser.

I'm also doing low-sodium, and have totally bought into the Rice Diet's philosophy of non-processed foods, whole grains and oats, organic and no sugar, white bread, white rice, enriched stuff. But if you're not into brown rice. seven grain puff cereal, whole grain bread that's so whole and grainy it's chewy and honey almond flax granola bars, than just cut the calories.

One final note for all those dieters: If it says low-fat, check the calories and be careful. Sometimes, low-fat foods are high in calories or sugar or salt or other 'appetite increasing' stimulants. For instance, just today I fed my sons chocolate no-fat pudding because just LOOKING at them were making me want the pudding, the ice cream in my freezer, diet soda, and believe it or not, potato chips. The pudding had to go. The ice cream is staying. I am human, after all.

Oh and if you're going to cheat, cheat well. Don't get chocolate, get Dark, Rich, Full chocolate. Don't get cheap ice cream. Get the full creamy ice cream. Why do I say this? Because you deserve it? No. We are all trying to lose weight here, we deserve tofu and celery. No. I say cheat well because you'll eat LESS of it. It's not an actual original idea of mine, but I find it to be true. Well, IF you stay strong and limit your portions.


G'night :)

p.s. my dinner consisted of an 'easy out' meal, a prepackaged healthy choice 320 calorie chicken parmean delight with 600 (eek) mg of sodium.

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