Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shocking News

I have decided that Diet Coke is the enemy.

That's right. My chosen drink since, well, grade school, literally, I was a coca-colaholic from about like, 12 on, til the full-fledged product started making me ill (too heavy) and then I went lite sometime around the age of 17. I'm 34. Yes. That long.

It is the reason I can't lose weight, though. I've decided this is simply truth, and must be accepted. It's the sodium. It also makes me want snack food. It ruins the taste of fruit and natural foods.

It must be eradicated.

Next, caffeine. Also an enemy. It makes me jittery, and it makes me want more caffeine.
I want to lose about 25 pounds and cholesterol points. This will not happen with diet coke and coffee. They must go. I'm starting with the diet coke, because while I have given up coffee in the past, I have never successfully eliminated diet coke from my life. I have decided to replace diet coke with cans of carbonated water and slices of lemon. In a few days, after the shock and headaches have passed, I will start the new healthy eating plan en force. Right now, I'm just sorta eating healthy... dinner tonight... salmon and artichokes with a nice salad.

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