Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Hot Day



It was in the 80s today. The boys for some inexplicable reason would rather hover around me in the heat instead of hanging in the cool basement. I didn't dress them today. Just Diapers. Now, if we have another day in the 90s, I'm dressing the horde and dragging them to the lake. I don't think they would complain. I was already at the lake on Monday, sent a thank you email, and got ignored. bah. OH MAN I am watching a commerical where a chubby stoner is on tv telling us we need to watch what we put into our cars just like we watch what we put in our bodies... um, what's in YOUR body dude... sheesh...

Okay so it was hot. But not unbearably hot. We've got fans and I've got tank tops. I'll be spending more time in the basement this week, I've just had stuff to do upstairs so couldn't go hide. We went out to the store and it was nice and breezy. I'm still trying to find a way to get a good breeze going through the house. I did order some nice 'for women with actual boobs' tank tops from Victorias Secret, so I won't have that sweaty bra line that's so attractive to men... ha ha ha...
And a new swimsuit that will actually fit. I also bought McRed new swim trunks. He's so excited HA. But he's going to be in the water because he's got two little fish that have discovered water is fun. Well one, but I'm convinced the other was just tired. I mean, Turbo went nuts kicking and splashing. When I went in the water and held my arms out he practically leapt into them. No fear. Bear just sat on the dock and wanted to dangle his toe in. But, like I said, he was grumpy and tired all day. Drama loves the water, we won't talk about how fast she went riding that raft thingie. Yikes! Note to self: Swim Lessons sooner than later.

Speaking of Drama, she spent $5 on a kid's nail kit. She is now sporting fake purple nails. OMIGOSH. She's NINE. Yesterday, we did her nails black, you decide which is preferable. All my husband said was 'oh Goth, cool. now if you'd stop PICKING them maybe they'd grow and look pretty.' Black nail polish. I'm so proud.

I haven't written in four days. I'm going to write tomorrow, and probably take a nap heh. That's how the boys handled the afternoon heat. They took an extra long siesta. It was incredible. I was too awake to take a nap, but it was tempting.

So not much to say today. Supposed to get progressively cooler throughout the week.

Um Ed, Mr. Crotchety,

Don't leave for the army without giving us an address duude.

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