Monday, June 19, 2006

Dieta, week 2, day 1

Keep in mind that for half of the first week, I was in Oregon with the relatives, so I didn't make as much progress as I normally would have. I have nothing else to blog about so you get the dieta progress.

Lets just say today was not ideal, but I'm not discouraged.

Here's the breakdown, and where I screwed up:

Food week 2
Day 1 (Monday)

1 Kashi granola bar 140 calories
1 lowfat french vanilla bean yogurt mmm 190 cal
1 bowl kashi cereal w/ 1/2 cup milk 180 cal
white chocolate mocha 450 cal (HOLY MOLEY NO MORE OF THOSE) (Ironically I ordered this because I thought my sister would never inhale a drink that high in calories...)

Morning total: 1270

bodes ill for lunch and dinner... yikes!
Cocunut chicken for dinner maybe.

goat cheese and melba toast 130 calories

healthy choice dinner 290 calories 1690
ice cream for 70 calories (jsut a small amount)

I'm over my goal of 1500 calories, however, still plenty shy of my maintenance
calories, so today is still a success despite the mocha

hamburger 260

ACK 2020 but do you see how easy it is to go over?
I should have not had the mocha and not had the hamburger. the worst offender? the mocha.
The thing is even after dinner, I am still 250 calories away from my current
maintenance tally. Though cutting it a bit /way/ too close for comfort.

coconut curry chicken with cous cous 371 calories.

Okay so that is 2391. That is my maintenance weight, minus four heh. But this is just one day of
out of the week and a half I've been doing this, so I'm still okay.
I ate too many calories, but, this is the only day I've eaten too many calories
though I went away for the weekend. Maybe two days. The point is, this is long term.
I could make the mistake of saying screw it and tomorrow porking out on
some cheeseburgers, but that would negate the progress I've made. I have new
low calorie snacks, low calorie breakfasts and lunches and dinners. I don't do mcdonalds fries EVER anymore and am no longer really in the mood for cheeseburgers or hamburgers (I only
ate that hamburger because they gave me one too many, I didn't order me one, and then
I realized I didn't even want it. 260 calories later, and I'm like bleah.)

I also ordered a soda, just to 'see' if I still wanted it. I did this with smoking once.
It's my way of seeing if I really kicked a habit. Six months after I quit smoking, I spent a weekend smoking and about died. Hated it. As for the soda, dumped half of it out. Even though it was diet, it was too heavy and syrupy. Yep. I'm soda free.

And totally so a size 10 now.
I have my size 8 jeans I'm working toward. I want to be there by fall.

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Laney Greene said...

I'm jealous. I'm still my size 100. But I'm not actively trying to lose weight - no motivation.

How did you give up soda? I live on the stuff. Mountain Dew - not even diet.