Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Universe Spoke

My son dumped the 'writers market' tome on my desk while I was blogging. My daughter handed me 'if you want to write' while she was cleaning. I left my writing notebook for one of my stories on the coffee table and picked it up. All within the last half hour. Maybe the universe is speaking. It's validating my decision to ditch the Polyanna Retro Mom gig. We shall see when I start writing tonight after the boys are in bed.

If not, there will be yet another angst whine post at around 1 a.m. west coast time.

And now, brilliant comments from my children...

Drama: "Um, Mom, I hate to say this, but that tank top is waaaay too small for you.". )*%#) kid.
Bear: "Thomas. More Thomas. FINE." Somebody says FINE way too much in this household.
Turbo: "Hey. Kitty. Get outta there." A FULL SENTENCE.

And for those who want interesting blogs:

Is there something with Nashville? Anyhow check out these two sites... they rock...
Busy Mom is just amusing as hell. And Lucinda is like, hmm, funny. A little too cute, but hey at least someone is. They are both in Tennessee. Who woulda thunk?

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