Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ahh the rug

The floor is being done this weekend.

It's officially been scheduled... but this time it's actually really official. McRed has bought the sawhorse, jigsaw, nail gun *because he thinks they are cool, not because we needed one* spacers, knee pads, eye-protection and face-protection....?er? and clamps. I think he's expecting our floor to resist... face protection? We will get rid of this horrid turquoise stain-infested, icky-gross decade-old carpet and put in nice, new, modern, kid, cat and mom resistant laminate flooring that looks like wood but is cheaper and easier to take care of. Go Ikea. I'm going to help him.... by shopping.

That's right, I'm doing the best thing I can to help him finish the floor... I'm taking the kids and scrammin' to Target to do some shopping for Drama who has managed to put holes in every pair of pants she owns, and Turbo and Bear who just have no summer clothes. I'd buy me something, but everyone knows Target hates the short round folk. *I may actually be a hobbit... no way to know for sure as you can't mapquest Middle Earth...anyone know the post code? That might help.

McRed has just informed me the media is biased... NO WAY DUDE...

I am debating if I should sign my blog up for a blogroll on blogher. But I think the pressure would get to be too much. I'd have to try for 'coherent' and 'interesting' and I don't think I can do that.

I found a father's bloggroup, had some interesting blogs linked to it, made me realize, a) I need to add pictures and b) I should try for at least a little interesting and c) I'm a webiot. I don't know how to add stuff in the columns like they do, all those neat links, pics, friends, blog rolls, etc etc...

Well, time for me to call it a night. I have to go see my trainer, who shall be referred to as 'Buffalot' for obvious reasons. Today Buffalot told me not to skip tomorrow. PLEASE! I haven't skipped a training session in TWO WEEKS thank you....

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