Monday, April 24, 2006

A Day in Romper Room

Or my house.

I am not going to go through the whole day, hour by hour, minute by tortuous minute, it would bore.

All I'm going to say is, it was hot out today because we can't open the windows because certain pint-sized pre-schoolers a) knocked out the screen of one window and b) broke the tabs on the other screen so it's barely sitting in the window. We can't open the sliding door because one or more pint-sized pre-schoolers figured out how to undo the lock and both like climbing on the deck rails, which makes me nervous. I know it's not enough to have them pull themselves up and over and fall, but I am a mom...

Then, they napped at off-set hours, meaning the normal two-hour nap time was cut down to one actual hour's break for me, with that hour being taken up by a suspicious, light-sleeping toddler who ONLY would sleep if I were laying down, too. Apparently, it was felt that I needed a nap. I did, but not the paltry, sad toddler-yelling-at-me-to-sleep hour I got.

My daughter decided to not actually do anything she was supposed to, and then tried to be dramatic in the hopes that her cries of how hard her childhood *yes she actually told me her childhood was hard* would make me feel so bad for her that I just let her play.

Now, I strictly blame el husbando for the daughter bit. He let her out of cleaning her room this weekend because he wanted her to get out and have fun, so now of course, she doesn't do anything. One thing they push with ADD kids is that if you don't make them earn everything, they will do nothing... they are goal-oriented and everything they do must have a purpose to it.

So, now I'm waiting for my daughter to finish up and disappear so I can finally finish my paper in piece. The paper I wanted to finish about seven hours ago.


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