Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I got crocs

Yes, I did. For once, I'm first in acquiring something that is 'hot' go me. Ugly, yes. But hot. And comfortable, dangit. in red. Daughter's didn't come, and she's been trying to claim 'emotional distress because I didn't get my shoes' as an excuse to not do her homework, chores etc etc. She worked up quite a bit of emotion over it, for someone that didn't show any interest in them at all until mine came. I've been wearing them all day to see if they are really as comfortable as everyone says. So far they are quite comfy...

I have read some blogs lately. Most of them, better than mine. And I noticed everyone in the families and friends get nicknames. So, I have decided to do the same.
Daughter's name is now "Dreary Drama" because all the drama is quite dreary.
Toddler A is now "Turbo" because man, the boy wakes up and literally, starts running.
Toddler B is now "Grumpy Bear" because, man, the boy wakes up and literally acts just like a big grumpy bear.
Husband is now "McJustliveshere because whenever he's being what he thinks of as 'clever' he says 'but don't mind me, I just live here....

No that won't work.
Daughter is just 'Drama'
Toddler A is 'Turbo'
Toddler B is 'Bear'
Husband is 'McRed' *for OBVIOUS reasons
El is Gravy... that's what you get for naming your blog a side dish
W. is Poker for similar reasons
S. is HA HA HA HA HA we'll just be kind and call her Munchie ... serves her right....
M. is Dakota because she lives in North Dakota *I know, I'm original*
Sister is 'DramaQ'
and anyone else I'll add in later.

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