Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Marketing Plan, finito


Next step, fret about the invariably *like that word* harsh editorial comments I will get, because I barely edited, and turned it in at a cool midnight:06 EST, 9:06 my time. Close enough not to get dinged by the 'late paper' point deductor. I'm not sure which class it is that specified midnight EST and which one is midnight local time zone, so it's better to be safe.

My 20 page paper is 15 pages. But I honestly couldn't spread it out five more pages! He will probably say something like 'wanted more explanation of marketing terms, back up stuff la la la' I know I know, it's a sucky paper. BUT it is done, and I am not going to mope about how sucky it is, the inevitably horrifyingly low grade I will get for it *I am always expecting someone to call my bluff, to say, this paper is shit... because it is... and this man, this instructor, why by golly, I think he's the man to do it... BUT tonight, I'm going to chug a corona, with lime yes, and celebrate that it's done, the references are correct *I think* the paper was spell-checked and edited, and the budget done four times, each with different outcomes, thanks to fuzzy lahdeeda math and imaginary numbers, and I think it makes sense, to read it.

Unfortunately, my derierre has been in this chairerre since noon today, and is sorierre. It also means someone hasn't been chasing toddlers A and B around since they woke up from their nap at 3:30. I will not survey the damage til tomorrow. Tonight is one of relief and celebration. And a nice comment to the man who didn't dare say anything about pizza night AGAIN because of the same paper I've been on about for a week and a half. *Yes, I've talked about the paper more than I've actually worked on it...

Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up in a tank and shorts, sans bra, something that deeply concerned Toddler B, and then realize that, fourteen hours later, not only are you wearing the exact same thing as you did when you went to bed last night, but what you are wearing is so skimpy it only actually looks good on you ten years ago, and now you just look like a bloated red-neck lady with long limpy hair? The Corona does add a nice 'southwestern trailer' aspect to it...but the cincher, the cincher is the children I never bothered putting clothes on...*it's hot and I had a paper due... what?...we weren't GOING anywhere...

and I wonder why the neighbors don't talk to me...

Tomorrow I shall look at the carnage and fret about the harsh comments and poor grade I'm going to get because I only spent a total of about three and a half days working on the paper we've had all semester to do.

On the bright side, said man is all for a cleaning service :)

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