Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Garden Plan :) with pics

Gardening gardening gardening

The second photo is of a hedge that harbored a hive of yellow jackets. They are dead now, but these flowers that bloomed in March are still alive. We won't do anything with this section at all. The hedge behind it, McRed hates. He thinks it's deliberately sending out tendrils toward the driveway with the desire to scratch his perty little Beemer... whatever. I chopped it a bit for him. I'm not fond of it, but I don't hate it enough to change it. It's last on my list :) The photo on top shows how much SUN I get muahaha... there was a better pic, but Bear was in it, and McRed has a 'no family pics' policy. So anyhow, the tulips in bloom are black night tulips, you can't see them, because I shot into the sun... I just thought black tulips were cool. Soon, I will replace the tulips with one of the other bulbs I have. I have plenty, believe me, I have PLENTY... the other box didn't fare so well, I like to think the tulip-stealing squirrels are to blame... but hey, not everything can be a victory... Now those hydrangeas, *i think they are that* I don't like the bloom colors. I'm not big into the pale shades of nature, but it's thriving, and again, too much to do. That's second or third to the end of my list of garden things to do.

This image here has the red rhododendrum *I think that's what it is, ha ha some gardener huh?* I like the bloom colors. Between that is some small plant that is neat and almost flowering, and some heather I planted. I don't think you can see either, both are really small. In front of the brick is a yellow flowering plant. I like it. If you know what it's called, please let me know!

Now this picture here on the right... okay there's the hydrangea bush, behind it is the rhododendrums, now look at the umbrella looking tree... again, if you know what is is POST and let me know! behind it is empty space and the fence. That empty space holding the garden hose? That will be my first shade garden, hostas, astibes and lilies galore! When it's done being planted, I'll post the pics... I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Okay, see that pink flowering bush? It's bright, I like it, I adore it, when it isn't flowering, it's a nice green foliage plant. McRed whined about it, but he gets his decorating way in the house. The garden and yard are mine mine ALL MINE. Again, if you know what it's called....

Okay this other picture on the right has the brick thing that I actually like and am secretly glad is on my property/ In front of it is the yelow flowering plant, no idea what it's called, some heather that looks faded, well it looks faded because it's winter-flowering, so it's okay. I did plant summer-flowering heather in front of it, that teeeennieeee little yellow blurp... I'm going to cut back the summer-flowering heather so it can thrive. In front of that are some cute low-ground plants that flower, right on the edge of the sidewalk, okay I LOVE those, they are so nice, the foliage is great and the flowers are soooo bright. Please someone tell me what they are so I can buy more!!!!! I transplanted the one on the far left because it was dying in its previous location. Now, the thorns with nothing? Okay I may have killed it, at least for this season. I didn't cut it back this winter, and it just stretched its thorny tendrils everywhere. It was a hazard to us all! And covered the other plants. Thorny rosebushes... I have faith that it will come back... .... heh... maybe...

Ahh, the terrace, this is the best part of the garden. The former ownders did a great job here. Again, feel free to identify plants... and yes, I know about the tulips... now, there is one big blob of heather missing, between the terra cotta pot of grass I transplanted *may not make it* and the red flowering plant. I planted a replacement heather, but that died. Admittedly, I waited too long to transplant it, so I have to put my other summer flowering heather there. It doesn't match the color scheme, but oops... p.s. the weeds in front will be removed... Now, I want you to look reallllyyy closely for the Delphinium (sp may be off) it's a purplish flower on a tall green stalk but is really hard to pick out in the photo. I'm proud of it, well, mainly because it and its companion on the other side are a nice addition to the terrace, and the only actual thing I planted here. It's on the lower part, in front of the terra cotta pot.

Okay here on the right is the other half of the terrace... ignore the weeds and the crazy strawberry plants... those strawberries just love my yard... okay see if you can find the other Dephinium.. now, the potted plants hold weird plants that are really really cool looking, they are called succulents. They are fun. I'll take close-ups of my faves this weekend and post. Again, tulips yay... and another rhododendrum bush thingie in the back... please ignore the chive/funky ground-covered infested rose bed. I'm going to win the battle with chives, and plant some Iris bulbs this fall. this season, the roses and chives will welcome marigolds.

This here on the left is my greatest achievement this spring. I cleared out one of the garden beds, specifically, the one behind the thriving mint plant, and turned it into a strawberry bed. Now, Drama helped me with this, working right alongside me collecting the compost from the compost bins, mixing it in the soil, composting the old plants that infested the bed and getting rid of the weeds and awful grass that somehow started growing there. I read that for strawberris, straw is the best thing... well, lo and behold, I had TONS of dead grass in the back where one of the ornamental grasses started dying at the top. There are about 8-9 strawberry plants there. We're going to mulch around the beds to get rid of the weeds. Now, behind that bed is a messy bed with some funky green plants that are thriving. We're going to clear that one out this weekend and Drama and I will plant tomatoes, peppers, onions and marigolds. We will leave room for the basil which has to be planted later in May. The nicer green plants I will transplant to a container. I think there are two I want to keep. Now, behind THAT one is another garden bed. This will be cleared out but not touched til later in May, because it is going to be the home for our SUNFLOWER HOUSE... I'm so excited. I bought sunflowers, morning glory and climbing beans. We're going to make a sunflower house with morning glories as the walls. Isnt' that great? The kids will LOVE this. Drama will help me plant it. It should be understood that Bear and Turbo are helping too, but they help mainly by dumping out freshly-potted plants and digging in the soil. Now, I am torn about the beans. They can make up part of the walls, or I could do a bean tee-pee. How cool is that? A sunflower house AND bean tee-pee? *It should also be noted that McRed thinks I'm nuts when it comes to the garden... So MANY plans, so little space!

Here on the right I'd like you to meet Jake and Sam. Jake and Sam are two artichokes that have been given this bit of space all to themselves in the hopes they will be fruitful and happy together, or is that vegetableful? I have never tried growing artichokes, but I really really like them, from the way they look to the way they taste. These two plants are the only ones that have earned the right to actually have names. Some other plants may also earn that honor, but so far, it's just these tw. Oh, Jake is on the right, Sam on the left. The area in front is getting mulched soon, and the weeds will be gone. I just want to get some of the plants in the ground though, because it's that time. Plus, it's more fun.

I don't know what any of these things are. Somebody, PLEASE POST AND LET ME KNOW! There are the blue flowers, the green fern things that end up growing really tall and thistley, but not quite thorny, with flowers at the top, and then the green fluffy ones with white flowers... I'm leaving them here this year, because they don't look bad at all, really, and make it hard for the weeds to grow, or at least, for people to see the weeds ha ha ha ha.... there is garlic there, as well, that should be ready to harvest in a month or two, I'm waiting for the leaves to yellow. I planted them last fall. Roses like garlic, you see, and garlic doesn't stage a hostile incursion into neighboring lands the way chives do. Next year I may change this bit because the thistley stuff really gets into your clothes and skin, but we'll see. Of course, it may help if I knew what these things were called!

Okay, here's the green fluffy stuff I was talking about with the white flowers. Of course, I was trying to actually get the plant next to it, you can see the red flowers sort of hanging off... I want to know what that plant is called. I do like it. Is it ladysomethingorother? I don't know, but it's pretty....

Here's the last photo. This is the TREE IN THE CORNER.... oooh... okay whatever. There are ferns in the back, which we will keep, minus the dead part. You can see the foliage from the bluebells I planted coming up, they should bloom this summer... I LOVE BLUEBELLS. also, there is some green ground cover coming in that carpets the area nicely. I don't know what the other tall green funky things are. Some of this stuff will get booted when I add some of the other shade plants I ordered back there. I may replace the half dead ferns with some of the other ones, and I'm not sure I like the funky leafy things on the right. Now, these are just the major areas of the garden. There are some more parts of the yard along the fence wall that I didn't take photos of yet. I will do that this weekend and explain my plans for it. Consider these before pics *except for the perty strawberry bed :) ...

So that is my before area, with some of my plans, for those who were wondering *okay Gravy, but hey...*

I will add more before photos and the after photos as I do the area, and then the 'in bloom photos' so you can all see :)

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