Tuesday, April 04, 2006


If I get a B in marketing, I will be very happy.
Especially since I need to maintain a B-average for the program.

If I don't get a B in marketing, I'm going to just get a second bachelor's in something I find interesting.

To be fair, I haven't given this class the time it needs. Mainly, because I don't have that time.

I have re-prioritized my life to this:


This means, that pretty much, nothing actually gets done.

It's amazing how liberating it is to simply accept you can't actually accomplish anything. I am relaxed, because I know how impossible it is with the three kids to do any of the above three things.

I told my husband tonight that after cleaning the living room three times *an attempt to prove my theory that it really is best to just not bother til they are in bed* and doing the kitchen twice *why oh why does Twin A think face painting with food is fun?* and barely squeezing online in time to put up two made up posts for a chapter I haven't read yet before the midnight deadline *I am not fooling him with my natural brilliant skills with marketing, it is pretty obvious I haven't read this last chapter* and realizing there aren't enough days for my cardio for the gym, and able to, once outside, LOOK at my huge, bloomin' tulips but not actually add soil to my needy snapdragons, that he could expect nothing to get done until first grade. I said, when the boys are in kindergarten, I will enjoy coffee and write. When they are in first grade, I will enjoy coffee, write, and garden. I assured him the house will be clean when they are in school.

He is looking forward to that day, and I told him, just four more years to go... and then, the house will be clean.

Til then, dude, you're lucky I'm even attempting order.

Sooo the post-kids at the aunt's memo:
Tidbits from my conversation with my sister this morning:

Twin B is Chaos. *Yes, capitalized.*
Twin B has no fear. He tried to fake us out because he didn't want us to go down the big slide with him. I've never climbed monkey bars so fast trying to catch him.
Twin A climbs better than Twin B.
But Twin A at least has the sense to recognize some things are too scary.
Twin B isn't as good a climber, which is good, because he has no fear.
Twin A, you can see him thinking. Twin B figures stuff out, but you can see thoughts around Twin A.
They ate us out of house and home. We have no food now. I've never seen anyone eat so much. I can't believe they ate everything.
Twin B hit me with his toothbrush and then threw it. I told him I wasn't happy and then all of a sudden, he needed a hug....so I hugged him.

Heh. Honestly, from 0 to 3 kids, they did pretty good. I don't get how they managed to keep their house clean though. Like, yes when we dropped them off, but it would have been nice to oh I don't know, have seen some evidence of chaos and mess-beyond-normal-means. Okay but they only had them for two and a half days. I will drop them off for a week, THEN see what her house looks like... I mean come on, I can't be the ONLY person struggling to have ONE clean room!

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