Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ten chapters

and ten more to go.

The problem is I took a month off, unwillingly. It was a month of trying to do the whole 'when do I write' thing and sorting my schedule out between allthe things I overbooked myself on.

So the schedule for writing is fine, and the schedule for school is fine. My husband thinks I should ditch the mom's club cuz 'it just 'aint my bag' and I've never actually had fun attending anything with them. M. agrees. E. thinks I should just attend outdoor functions where I can bail and not get trapped. I am with E. My mom says ditch it, because, to quote Dr. Phil "How's it working for you?" This is what she says, and I think, it's not. Anyhow, I'm not stressing it anymore. I'm not going to the preschool playtimes and am going to attend safe, public, can walk away if I'm bored events :).

As for the story? Well go figure. I have to re-read all ten chapters, make notes about the changes I want to make, and then start on the second half. I wanted to just start the second half, but I just totally changed a major plot line and arrrghhh... this is what happens when you leave a story to long. It morphs into something else. Note about writing books... NUMBER THE FREAKIN" PAGES. I can't believe I didn't do this. My printer is spurting them out and they are all out of order....

Now, what should I really be doing? Finishing my marketing plan. Ah well, none of us is perfect. Besides it's Easter Sunday. I'll do it tonight.

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