Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ear Drama

Not really.

I only hear muffled sounds out of my left ear. I cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide and water and that worked for a bit. Last night, I took Nyquil, and that helped more. It started popping on it's own today, but now it's re-fuzzy. I have an appt. tomorrow. I want antibiotics dammit! I'm sure it's a sinus infection. I'm major allergy girl in the spring. Usually I take sudafed, but instead I've been taking clariton which to be honest, between sudafed and clariton I don't know if i notice a difference, which means I probably need prescription medication for allergies ha ha ha. I've never actually seen anyone about them though, I just tough spring out and avoid living in areas where it is always spring or summer. The only good thing about my ears is my husband has to get up with the boys, I can't hear them crying in the morning...

Running toddlers

If your toddler sees you, smiles, and runs... you should probably chase him. He either has your cell phone and is calling his aunt, your deodorant and is either eating it or painting himself with it, or your jewelry box because it's treasure.

I don't think he ate it this time, and at least he smells really good now. I did have to smooth out teeth-marks on my husband's right guard, sport scent, cuz I think it smells sexy.... the teeth mark would have upset my dear hubbie too much though.

I spent an hour looking for the kid's toothpaste. My daughter couldn't find it anywhere. Well, Twins A and B happen to be going through a slight addiction phase with watermelon toothpaste. Apparently, one of them decided to stash it and his toothbrush in the bottom of their hanging cloth shelf dragon thing. Like I'd look there? They also hid the remote batteries on me. Wouldn't tell me where they were, oh but daddy? Daddy asks, 'where's the batteries?' and good little Twin A leads him right to it, smiling and oh so proud. I asked Twin A where they were. He shrugged his shoulders and put his arms out 'wuuhhh?' he says. 'down?' and he sends me all over the house. 'where?' he asks. Grrr.

Twin B's new word: Mine.

Anyone with toddlers or husbands know how overjoyed I am.

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